Simple Steps to Creating a Culture of Design

I recently gave a talk at the xChange Austin workshop to talk about how IBM is using design thinking to change the way we work. This is a huge initiative for this 100+ year-old corporation to undertake, but there are some things that you as a leader in your company... read more

Seven Steps to Change the Design Story

How do you align your design team and change the story in your department? Here are my seven steps to help creative leaders change their design culture. 1. Create a space for discussions and feedback. Designers need to feel that they are being heard. Start with asking... read more

The Power of Design

It amazes me how one single word can hold so much meaning, based on whom you ask. Take the word “design” for example. What does it mean to you? The definition can change rather drastically based on whom you are speaking to. In Philadelphia, it was an afternoon of... read more

Design For The People, by The People

Great design does not necessarily come from great designers. It comes from an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration and an ultimate vision. I’ve seen this firsthand. When tasked with updating the design of a globally recognized brand, the change didn’t... read more

Designers are Problem Solvers

Designers are problem solvers. So are plumbers, accountants, doctors and lawyers. The difference is that we have chosen a trade that has both some really fun tools to solve those problems with, but also we are able to create emotional connections through solving those... read more

3 Principles to Affect Prolific Creative Teams

riCardo Crespo is a creative ronin. He has produced award-winning design in his 20+ years in the industry, and lead some of the most talented teams in the business. Mr. Crespo has presented at several xCHANGE events, and created this piece for all of us to remember... read more

Run Toward the Signs of Complexity

Herb Simon changed my life. I never met him, though his name and words loom large in my own work. Simon, a polymath and Nobel laureate, taught economics, cognitive psychology and computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. The term ‘design thinking’ can be traced... read more

More Than Just A Pretty Picture

I think that we’ve all heard one variation or another about what some of our colleagues and/or clients think designing really is: “you just make pretty pictures all day long” or “you push a button on your computer and…voila!” As creative leaders, in an ever-changing... read more

The Promise of Design

xChange NYC 2015Keynote Presentation Shani Sandy, Creative Director & Designer At the budding age of 13, I would do anything to just be free. And well, I got my wish… kinda. Walking home from school on a hot summer Brooklyn day with one of my best friends,... read more

Zen and the Art of Brand Repair

It was exciting to be a part of xChange here in Milwaukee. Not only was the venue amazing (Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery), but the people I met were as well. We talked about the power that design thinking can have when it happens early in the process. That... read more