Why should I go?

You’ll have the rare chance to share an intimate experience with over 30 creative leaders from the most influential brands in the area. Our facilitators are world-class and our speakers are inspiring, but the true magic is in the peer-to-peer discussions and connections. Don’t miss this opportunity.

What will I learn?

How to transform your teams and your organization as strategic partners; best practices used by industry experts; leadership skills that allow for design transformation. You’ll also learn the top challenges of your peers, and how they are solving them.

Why am I being Invited?

You stand out as a creative leader. You’ll be in good company.

How are we doing applications?

We welcome referrals! Send the event manager an email with your referral and requested ticket. We’ll see if we can make room for your guest. Please include their LinkedIn profile in the email.

Who should attend?

High level creative managers. Titles range from CMO, CCO, DEO, CDO, Creative director (all levels), Design Manager, Art Director, Innovation Leader, Marketing Director, and Product Design Directors.

What is covered by my ticket?

All activities, food, and drink is covered by your ticket until 5pm.

What is xCHANGE?

xCHANGE is a conference, supporting creative executives as they transform their environments through design-driven business strategy. This meetup is for top creative leaders from Fortune 1000 corporations & agencies. xCHANGE delivers extraordinary keynote speakers to share on-point best practices and stimulating ideas. It addition, the event offers a peer-to-peer roundtable discussions. This is a space to connect & learn from creative peers.

What is the theme?

Peer-to-peer breakout discussions are at the core of xCHANGE. Following introductions, we separate into groups of 5-7 people and discuss shared challenges as well the central theme of the day.

What else can I expect?

In addition to the refreshing roundtable discussions, xCHANGE offers micropresentations from industry leaders, focusing on design thinking and transformation at the highest level. Coffee and a light breakfast will be served, as well as a buffet lunch allowing you the opportunity to “break bread” with your peers. The event closes by focusing on a resident keynote speaker and final roundtable discussion session. Lastly, our facilitator closes the program by sharing “perspectives moving forward” and we end xCHANGE during a no-host happy hour.

Who is presenting?

Industry experts from your local area. Past speakers include Peter Sorckoff (CCO and SVP Marketing at the Atlanta Hawks), Stanley Hainsworth (CEO of Tether), and Micheal Lejeune (CD at LA Metro).

Can I nominate a speaker?

We accept speaker nominations. Please send your recommendation to the conference director. Include a brief note on why you think they would be a good fit at our event, which event you’re nominating them for, and a link to their website and/or LinkedIn profile.

What if I am unavailable?

Please let us know if you have a referral for another creative leader, and if you’d like to be included at another event by emailing the program director.

What is the refund/cancelation policy?

Keep in mind only 42 seat are available, so please do everything in your power to attend. We do understand emergencies happen and schedules change. Let us know if you can’t make it, and we’ll work with you through the refund process. If we don’t receive a cancelation notice and you don’t show up, you will be ineligible for a refund.

Is this a recruiting event?

No recruiters are allowed to attend.