We heard this question, or something similar, far too many times. So, the founders of xCHANGE are embarking on a mission to give clarity to the value of design and tell the larger design story.

Tune into the new podcast series, Design Story, about how design influences technology, brands, government, and everyday life. In each episode, Jeni Herberger speaks with another design leader, giving our audience a glimpse of how design has shaped a brand, a project, a way of life, a philosophy, or a story.

Season one is all about Revolutions.

Each month, Design Story will have a focus. In December, listeners heard about Corporate Revolutions. Episodes included conversations with titans of design leadership. Click the name to listen:

Most episodes are just over 30 minutes in length, airing Thursdays. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or Soundcloud.

Design Story is produced by The Fulcrum Agency in Seattle, Washington.


Jeni Herberger
Design Advisor and Co-Founder of xCHANGE