xCHANGE is the best professional event I’ve been to in years. I learned more in four hours than I have at two and three day conferences! The atmosphere was casual, and the peer-to-peer conversations and speakers were amazing! Time well spent. xCHANGE is the best professional event I’ve been to in years. I learned more in four hours than I have at two and three day conferences! The atmosphere was casual, and the peer-to-peer conversations and speakers were amazing! Time well spent.”

Keith Miller

VP Marketing and Business Development, Kenwood Experiences

San Francisco, CA

Unlike many design events and conferences, the xCHANGE event provides the opportunity for engaging and inspiring conversations with other creative leaders. Jeni does a fantastic job sharing industry insights and setting the tone for high impact conversations. The industry insights are so incredibly powerful you can’t wait to share it with others. This is a must attend event.

Scott Wadler

VP of Creative at CustomInk

Fairfax, VA

I attended the Pittsburgh xCHANGE recently — what a refreshing and inspiring event! As a natural design-thinker I often feel I’m going against the grain, so it was nice to be surrounded by other like-minded leaders looking for ways to infuse design thinking into the cultures of our organizations. I came away with some very practical next steps and ideas to implement. Well worth the time and investment if you can make it!

Melissa Smiley

Communications Business Partner at Highmark

Pittsburgh, PA

xCHANGE is an excellent opportunity to meet peers, learn best practices and get inspired. It accomplished the unusual feat of exceeding expectations and delighting the attendees with the unexpected!

Richard Martin

4C Group, Partner

New York, NY

What an awesome experience the In-house xCHANGE Detroit was! Instead of sitting in a large, cold, room, looking at a slide-show, we were in a very personal venue with great food, cold drinks, and superior views. The interaction with fellow designers was welcome conversation. The speakers were very engaging. Looking forward to the next time you come to Detroit!

Mary Lutfy

Web Services at Henry Ford Health System

Detroit, MI

Our creative community needs to model more events after xCHANGE. It is a genuine approach to how creatives naturally connect, network and collaborative to find smarter ways to be more effective in their professional roles. As a creative who has been on both sides of the design coin, starting on the agency side then switching to the brand side as an in-house designer, the events that Jeni and her team put on are remarkably refreshing and on-point. The topics are relevant and the forum environment allows for cross pollination of like-minded creatives to engage in sharing tips, advice and real life experience that in the end adds such an incredible value to those in attendance. The In-House xCHANGE series is a motivational hug that effectively pushes you to raise your own creative bar in order to continue your careers momentum and feel like everyone in the room is rooting for you.

Shannon Gabor

CEO at Clever Creative

Los Angeles, CA

The highlight of xCHANGE was the people I met: seasoned art and creative directors all at my experience level. We shared stories and challenged each other, and I walked away re-energized. I quite literally have new friends because of it.

Jason Adam

AIGA LA President

Los Angeles, CA

In the frenetic pace we find ourselves today, it’s a real treat to attend an intimate event that lets you connect with your peers, the design leaders of all industries. Its a rare opportunity to step out of our offices and away from our work to spend a few hours to brainstorm and strategize on how to tackle issues, clients and deliver the highest standard of work.

Wendy O’Connor

VP Creative Services, Conair corporation

Stamford, CT

The breadth of design experience and knowledge in the room at xCHANGE is an inspiration to go further, be greater, and achieve more. There’s a certain level of support and safety being in a room of like minded individuals that you can’t get in most day-to-day work. It is a great way to be validated and empowered by what you do as a design professional.

Marshall Cannon

Creative Services Manager, Delta Dental of California

Silicon Valley, CA

Yesterday’s XCHANGE 2017 event at SCAD was quite a success! Across the board on collaborative discussions, networking, learning about our obstacles and practices to accept and pioneer through the challenges of our roles…. 30 creative leaders left more empowered and armed with new knowledge, and confidence. I especially valued the exchanging of our own fears and hopes, and listening to others as they revealed similar points as my own.

Thank you for including me, how can I stay on an alert list so that I am aware of more networking opportunities like this.

The entire day was a generous package – the tour of the school a bonus!

Sandra Gurley

Creative Services Manager at Lackmond Products

Atlanta, Georgia

I was very nervous about attending xCHANGE, but I had a great time. Everyone who attended was willing to participate and open to sharing and discussing. It was so good to hear that even seasoned veterans have the same frustrations and struggles as I do. It was very encouraging to hear how the solutions they have come up with, and get advice from much more senior than myself. xCHANGE was a great way to meet new people, to learn about how to become a more well-rounded creative director, and to build relationships, experiences and conversations about how we can continue to shape the mindset and perspective of our clients and other departments. I look forward to many more!

Nicole Chin

Creative Director at Foursquare

Los Angeles, CA

I thought it was just me?! It’s so refreshing to be among other design managers and hear about the same frustrations we share. It was even better to return to the office with some real, practical solutions provided through some excellent talks from Jeni, Adobe, and Fulcrum’s guests.

Daniel Schutzsmith

CEO at Digital Empire

New York City, NY

A big thank you to both of you (and Adobe Dave) for the event yesterday, and a fantastic evening. I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend the session and get a chance to meet like-minded people, learn different perspectives and ways of thinking, and socialize.

I had a really great time. Wish you the best and hope to see you again when you’re back..

Yvonne Lines

Creative Director at Rogers Communications

Toronto, Canada

Being an in-house creative for 20 years at the same humongous retailer there are not a lot of opportunities to connect with peers. It’s very easy to become isolated. It is often difficult to find others with whom I can share and get feedback on creative challenges. It was so refreshing and reassuring to meet “my people” at the Seattle In-house xCHANGE event. After some initial shyness, the room opened up under Jeni and Adam’s leadership. I was impressed how freely everyone participated, shared, discussed and made connections.

It is always reassuring to hear that my struggles are not unique. I left feeling connected. I was able to maintain that feeling of connectedness via the xCHANGE LinkedIn group. After having a recent challenge at work, I was able to reach out to my peer group for feedback and suggestions. I found the ability to get feedback very valuable. I look forward to following the group on LinkedIn and attending future meetings in my area.

Dawn Jeffries

Art Director at Costco

Seattle, WA

Early personal takeaways – our team found the event a wonderful opportunity to connect and share perspectives with members of the creative community who are meeting some very familiar challenges. This event couldn’t have come at a better time. We’re experiencing an industry-wide shift in thinking in the role that creatives and the design process can play for organizations as they make new connections with customers and the communities in which they live and work. Onward!

Tom Schreiber

Interactive Art Director at The Creative Group

Silicon Valley, CA

Thank you SO much for including me in the xCHANGE yesterday. It was easily the best networking event I’ve ever been to – never before have I shared a room with so many creative leaders. The round table discussions were enlightening. I really wish I could have stuck around for the happy hour as I’m sure that time would have brought so many more peer connections. The networking opportunity was unmatched. The speakers shared wonderful ideas and inspired great conversation. My take-home notes include a few book titles I can’t wait to add to my library. Jeni, you did such a great job providing a synopsis of each presentation and added clarity to each round-table discussion – and your passion for our creed is infectious.

Bryan Dilts

Creative Director at Rayment & Collins

Toronto, Canada

In a time of too many conferences with too little focus, xCHANGE stands out as one of the few must-attend events. If you don’t walk out at the end of the day with actionable ideas to improve your company with the implementation design-based strategies, you weren’t paying attention!

Natalie VanLandingham

Director of Marketing and Outreach at The Umbrella

Concord, MA

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